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Development of Sustainable Technology

A Full Range of Approaches to Development of Customers’ Products for Environmental Load Reduction

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We are a highly specialized engineering plastics manufacturer, and we provide technical support throughout every phase of our customers’ products from conception to mass production, including in material development, processing, and performance evaluations. Using this knowledge, we provide a variety of environmental technical support to our customers to reduce CO2 and waste generated at every stage of product development.

Our Environmental Technical Support
Our Environmental Technical SupportOur Environmental Technical Support

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POM Void Prediction Technology

Voids, air bubbles that form inside the molded product due to shrinkage during molding, are a cause of molding defects that increase waste during product development. Conventionally, predictive analysis was performed based on flow analysis, which analyzes the state of filling of the resin injected into the mold. However, there were many problems in terms of accuracy, and customers were asking for analysis technology with even higher accuracy. By combining flow analysis with structural analysis, we have developed a completely new void prediction method based on the strain that occurs within the molded product based on the shrinkage rate, elastic modulus, and pressure distribution during the resin solidification process.

Prediction Technology
Prediction TechnologyPrediction Technology

Predicting the occurrence of voids with high accuracy before molding eliminates defective products and contributes to waste reduction.
Going forward, we will pursue further technological development covering non-reinforced POM and reinforced resins as well as such other resins as PBT and PPS.

Assessment of Gas Generated during Molding

Gas generated during molding is one cause of defective products and a major factor contributing to product waste and energy loss in production. Previously, most approaches included releasing the gas generated from the mold or molding machine—no real solution was offered. We, however, developed a new assessment method to determine the cause of gas generated during molding. To ensure highly accurate assessment under customer manufacturing conditions, we collect gas directly from the molding machine to analyze and assess. If that is not possible, we can alternatively create optimal conditions at our facility to evaluate the customer’s manufacturing process. Based on the results of the assessment, we then make proposals tailored to each customer to reduce gas generated during molding, thereby reducing product defects stemming from molding conditions or the shape and design of the mold gate.
In this way, our analysis technology and assessment method both reduces waste in the customer’s product development process and helps shorten the development cycle, reducing energy used during simulation and production. Through our technical support, we offer a variety of options to help customers develop products that reduce the environmental load.

Technical Support for Customers

On-line Support for Customer Product Development

We have established a free, membership-based on-line technical support service, “WEB@TSC®” that provides support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to providing a variety of technical information, such as detailed information about physical properties, other product-related inquiries, requests for safety and export-related certificate issuance and other customer needs are meticulously handled. This easily accessible, Web-based service has been well-received among our customers.

Technical Support for CustomersTechnical Support for Customers

Customer Feedback

  • “I submitted an environmental inquiry to the Polyplastics website, and I was satisfied with the polite response and materials provided. I would like to use it again in the future.”
  • “I was able to quickly find the technical information I was searching for.”
  • “I was impressed with how easy it was to obtain a product certificate on the website.”
  • “I handle quality control, and I easily get necessary environmental documents from the website often, which is extremely useful.”

Recognition from Our Customers

We have received awards from our customers for our support.

iconPanasonic Industry Co., Ltd.
We were highly evaluated for securing a stable product supply in the face of global demand surge in the resin industry, COVID-19 pandemic, and electricity problems.
iconAisan (Foshan) Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Production Contribution Award
Despite the lockdowns in Shanghai from COVID-19 pandemic and tight product supply from various companies, we were recognized for our continuous stable supply of products and received this award.
iconBosch(China) Investment Ltd.
We were recognized for continuing the delivery of products despite tight supply conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Received the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award at IWAEM’22

At an international workshop presented by the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics, a Polyplastics employee received a prestigious award for their research on assessment techniques used to determine the physical properties of resins. This research was a continuation of research that received an award from the Japan Society of Polymer Processing in the previous fiscal year, and the technique was praised for its accuracy in assessing the physical properties of fiber-reinforced PPS resin, which was previously considered difficult to evaluate.