Social Contribution Activities

Accelerate CSR activity through the “CSR Network”

At Polyplastics, we pursue CSR activities in the entire Group. Up until now, each Group company has acted independently in pursuing CSR activities; however, in order to enhance both the quality and quantity of our activities, we have created a network which brings all of our CSR-related members from every company together. The aim of this network is to facilitate the smooth exchange of ideas and information between the Headquarters and Group companies, as well as between the Group companies themselves, in order to make our initiatives more active and effective.
Also, in implementing our social contribution activities, the CSR-related members belonging to this network will be spearheading local initiatives aimed at “contributing to the prosperity of local areas,” “cultivating the next generation” and “supporting employee-led social contribution activities.”

Contributing to the prosperity of local areas
Employees around the world doing what they can to enrich their local communities
Cultivating the next generation
Providing the children who represent the future of society with learning opportunities via Polyplastics-style initiatives
Supporting employee-led social contribution activities
Supporting volunteering-minded employees at each of our business sites

The social contribution activities focused on in the CSR Network are specially marked.