Polyplastics Group
Purchasing Policy

Polyplastics Group promotes the purchasing as follows based on Corporate Philosophy, Polyplastics CSR Approach, and Group Code of Conduct to seek for the continuous development with our customers

1. Compliance with laws and regulations, and social norms

We shall not only comply with all laws and regulations in force (including Labor, Safety & Health Law), and social norms in each country, but also constantly conduct the purchasing from a high ethical perspective and with common sense.

2. Quality and Safety

We shall conduct the purchasing which meets the level of safety and high quality required from the view point of customer’s satisfaction and trust.

3. Promotion of purchasing in a fair and equitable manner

We shall open to the domestic and international business partners and conduct the faithful purchasing in a fair and equitable manner.

4. Consideration to environment

We shall be responsible for the preservation of environment and carry out the purchasing with consideration for the global environment.

5. Information security

We shall appropriately manage all information which we obtain through the purchasing.

6. Request to our business partners

We shall actively promote our own purchasing described above and shall also request our business partners to promote the same purchasing actively.