Polyplastics Group Environmental Basic Policy

Under Corporate Philosophy, Group Code of Conduct, and Polyplastics’ CSR Policy, we actively work on reducing the environmental burden in all business activities of product development, production, and sales, aiming to achieve both economic development and global environmental conservation. We will contribute to the realization of possible social development.

1. Compliance with environment-related regulations

We not only comply with all environment-related regulations, but also constantly act from a high ethical perspective and with common sense.

2. Contribution to environment through our products

We improve the convenience of society through our products and contribute to the development of a recycling-oriented economy by reducing the size, weight and life of our customers' products.
In addition, we continue to actively address to solve social issues such as environmental problems through the development and provision of products and solutions that contribute to global environmental conservation.

3. Reducing the environmental burden in all business activities

In all business activities such as product development, production and sales, we actively work on protecting the global environment, including the following initiatives.

  • Regular and quantitative grasping of environmental load
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change
  • Promotion of energy-saving activities
  • Reduction / Reuse / Recycling of waste
  • Reduction of emissions of chemical substances and waste to air, water and soil
  • Utilization of renewable energy
  • Effective use of water resources

4. Fostering an environmental mindset

We actively communicate and work with our business partners to raise environmental awareness.

Daicel Group Human Rights Policy

At the Daicel Group, we recognize that, in order to progress and grow in tandem with society, it is imperative that we respect the human rights of anyone and everyone involved in or connected to us through our business activities. To fulfill this responsibility, the Daicel Group hereby establishes the Daicel Group Human Rights Policy (“the Policy”).

Basic Position

We, the Daicel Group, are strong believers that “People are the foundation for our success.” The Daicel Group Conduct Policy and each Group company’s Code of Conduct declare our determination to comply with all laws and regulations; act with high ethical standards and sound judgment; respect the diversity, personality and individuality of every member connected to the Daicel Group and contribute to realizing a healthy and sound society that is free from discrimination and harassment.
Moreover, as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we fully support international standards for human rights. We acknowledge the standards listed in the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights and both International Covenants), the core conventions set forth by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in their Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Accordingly, we promise to continue and promote efforts to respect and address the human rights in line with the above standards.

Scope of Application

The Policy applies to all executives and employees of the Daicel Group. The Daicel Group will also encourage its business partners and suppliers to support the Policy, and in concert with them, will promote activities to fulfill its responsibilities relating to human rights.

Human Rights Due Diligence

The Daicel Group will establish a system of human rights due diligence which will be continuously implemented. Human rights due diligence is a series of processes that includes identifying any adverse human rights impact connected to the Daicel Group and preventing or mitigating potential risks to human rights.

Correction and Remedy

When the Daicel Group identifies that it has caused or contributed to an adverse impact on human rights contrary to the Policy, it will promptly take corrective and remedial actions through appropriate procedures.

Education and Training

The Daicel Group will provide appropriate education and training to ensure that the Policy is integrated into all business activities and that human rights due diligence is effectively implemented.

Applicable Laws and Regulations

The Daicel Group will observe laws and regulations of countries and regions where it conducts business. However, if a conflict occurs between internationally recognized standards of human rights and the standards stipulated by laws and regulations of an individual country or region, the Daicel Group will pursue a direction that respects international principles of human rights.

Dialogue and Consultation

In implementing the Policy, the Daicel Group will seek expert advice on human rights both from within the company and external independent experts, and engage in dialogue and consultation with our Group stakeholders.

Information Disclosure

The Daicel Group will publicly disclose the progress and results of its human rights activities based on the Policy.

Polyplastics Group Human Resources Policy

Polyplastics can ensure our growth and development, by providing higher-than-expected values with understandings for customers’ needs.
We must recognize that every business activity performed by each individual and each department contributes to providing valuesto our customers.
We believe respecting differences among those with diverse backgrounds and perspectives creates new values to adapt to the changing society, economy and industrial structures at a global level.
We must concentrate individual skills and knowledge to challenge higher goals in order to create and maximize values.
We believe that challenging and achieving higher goals ensure the further growth of each individual and Polyplastics.
We believe every individual at Polyplastics is an "invaluable asset" for the company.
With these thoughts, we establish and share the Human Resource Policy as follows ;


We seek for talents who can challenge to create new values with the sprits of mutual trust and cooperation.


We place the right talents to the right positions while providing development opportunities fairly to individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives from the long-term standpoint.


We implement HR measures from global viewpoint in order to work Polyplastics group properly as one team.

Polyplastics Group Purchasing Policy

Polyplastics Group promotes the purchasing as follows based on Corporate Philosophy, CSR Policy, and Group Code of Conduct to seek for the continuous development with our customers

1. Compliance with laws and regulations, and social norms

We shall not only comply with all laws and regulations in force (including Labor, Safety & Health Law), and social norms in each country, but also constantly conduct the purchasing from a high ethical perspective and with common sense.

2. Quality and Safety

We shall conduct the purchasing which meets the level of safety and high quality required from the view point of customer’s satisfaction and trust.

3. Promotion of purchasing in a fair and equitable manner

We shall open to the domestic and international business partners and conduct the faithful purchasing in a fair and equitable manner.

4. Consideration to environment

We shall be responsible for the preservation of environment and carry out the purchasing with consideration for the global environment.

5. Information security

We shall appropriately manage all information which we obtain through the purchasing.

6. Request to our business partners

We shall actively promote our own purchasing described above and shall also request our business partners to promote the same purchasing actively.