Build a more robust management system in our Group companies via national staff

At Polyplastics, we have made efforts to create a work environment where employees can appealingly realize their potential, irrespective of their gender, nationality, age or other attributes. As part of this, we have established a management system in our Group companies utilizing national staff who play a larger and more independent role.
There have been already some national staff who played important roles as top management in Group companies, and FY2020 saw that other national staff members were newly assigned as managing directors in Group companies. Promoting localization of management makes it possible to meet the needs of local employees meticulously, to achieve smooth business operation based on deep understanding for each country's environment, and, as a result, to provide more opportunities for national staff to achieve better performance.


PTM Engineering Plastics
(Nantong) Co., Ltd./
Polyplastics (Nantong) Ltd.
Managing Director
Walter Dong

National staff appointed Managing Director of Group company

I became a member of PTM in April 2003 as the first employee hired upon construction of the PTM Nantong Plant, and in the years since, I have worked in the Human Resources Department, ESH Department, and as General Plant Manager and, later, Assistant Managing Director before receiving the great honor of being appointed Managing Director of PTM. In recent years, the Chinese government has enacted a variety of safety enhancement, environmental protection and energy efficiency-related laws and regulations for chemical plants. In order to ensure stable plant operations in this environment, it is essential that not only the company but all of its employees, as well, be acutely responsive to the changes around the company. I view my role as providing employees with a positive model and fostering mutual trust that leads to the development of a highly productive team, from which both the employees and the company will benefit and grow.

Training systems to foster diverse human resources

Training for newly assigned managers

We implement a standardized training program for newly assigned managers across the entire Polyplastics Group designed to facilitate mutual understanding and respect of diversity, cultivation of globally applicable skills and the creation of a human resources network.

Management training using LIFO*

In Taiwan, management training was provided to managers which utilized the LIFO approach, focusing on individual strengths and styles. Thanks in part to this, employee satisfaction scores increased by 27.3% in the FY2020 employee engagement survey.

*Life Orientations