Supporting Employee-Led Social Contribution Activities


Receiving office trash separation contest award

Employees at the Shanghai office in China are being proactive about trash separation in their office. And, in FY2020, their efforts were rewarded with the receipt of the Environmental Award as part of the Trash Separation Contest held at their office building.

Hong Kong

Supporting activities of individuals

Employees at the Hong Kong office collected four bags worth of clothing, shoes and other items from their employees and donated these to a local charity.


Volunteering to support persons with disabilities

Ten employees in Taiwan took part in a volunteer event held in Kaohsiung City in support of persons with disabilities. They had an enjoyable time barbecuing with disabled attendees. It was a valuable experience which afforded them the opportunity to provide support to those in need.


Donating shoes and clothing to children in Africa

As part of the “STEP30 INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES” volunteer initiative organized by the Wan Hai charitable foundation, 25 Polyplastics employees in Taiwan donated three boxes of shoes, clothing and other items to children in Kenya. All of the donated items were shipped in a container which will, itself, also be reused as a classroom for the children.

Doing what we can in the midst
of the COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the infectious spread of COVID-19, many of the social contribution activities that involve employees gathering together had to be canceled in FY2020.

However, at Polyplastics, because we believe that it is important to continue these activities, even if the scale is reduced or the formats are changed, we have tried and found different ways to keep contributing to society, such as by conducting activities from home or via online. Here is an example of the activities we carried out in FY2020.


“Mottainai*Initiatives” during COVID-19 pandemic


Each year for the past three years, we held the "Mottainai Initiatives" event in which our employees can donate household goods that they no longer use. In a normal year's event, employees bring in their goods on the event days, and they are distributed to those in need by NPO Mottainai JAPAN; however, because the event had to be canceled in FY2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each site in Polyplastics set up donation boxes instead. After discussion with the NPO about what goods to donate, we decided, based on the current situation, to include soap and other hygiene items. Also, in order to give employees a better understanding of the pandemic situation in the recipient countries and help give them a greater incentive to participate, information about what is happening in those countries was provided by the NPO and compiled into articles that were shared in company bulletin board. The employees responded to this by donating nine boxes full of goods, including soap.

* Mottainai means “What a waste!” in Japanese.

Farmington HillsCSR

Promoting recycling in households

This initiative was originally planned as an office-based recycling promotion initiative, but, because employees were working from home, the emphasis was changed to promote recycling within the employees’ individual households.

Mexico CityCSR

Sharing insights from employees' social contribution activities

By utilizing the regular meetings, employees presented and exchanged information about social contribution activities that they were pursuing individually.

Hong KongCSR

Sharing information about how to contribute to society

A platform was created for employees to introduce and share information about social contribution activities that they can pursue on their own, such as energy-saving activities.