Cultivating the Next Generation


Donating plant equipment to educational institutions


The Kuantan Plant in Malaysia made a donation to educational institutions of injection molding machines, analytical instruments and other plant equipment that is no longer used. Everything that was donated was equipment that is no longer suitable for industrial use but still more than suited for educational use. This initiative was intended as way of contributing to the education and development of the next generation.


Initiatives for cultivating the next generation


In recent years, children in Japan have fewer opportunities to experience manufacturing first-hand. As a manufacturing company, we are motivated to help cultivate the next generation, as they represent the future of manufacturing, and, towards that end, we undertake educational activities aimed at local children and students.
In FY2020, we worked in coordination with the Fuji Chamber of Commerce & Industry to provide vocational presentations at Shizuoka Prefectural Fuji-Higashi High School and Fuji Municipal Yoshiwara-Kita Junior High School. We also welcomed students visiting from Fuji Municipal Fuji-Minami Elementary School as part of their life sciences studies.

Fuji-Higashi High School

Yoshiwara-Kita Junior High School

Welcoming students from Fuji-Minami Elementary School


Educational support for children in need

FY2020 was the 14th consecutive year that the Nantong Plant has provided donations to support elementary school students in need in the local area. The company and employees (including Japanese employees posted in Nantong) donated a total of 18,000 Chinese yuan, which was enough to support 60 children.

Doing what we can in the midst
of the COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the infectious spread of COVID-19, many of the social contribution activities that involve employees gathering together had to be canceled in FY2020.

However, at Polyplastics, because we believe that it is important to continue these activities, even if the scale is reduced or the formats are changed, we have tried and found different ways to keep contributing to society, such as by conducting activities from home or via online. Here is an example of the activities we carried out in FY2020.

Mumbai and Chennai

Online vocational presentation for universities

Normally, employees give the presentations at local schools; however, in FY2020, the format was changed to a webinar for students at universities in Mumbai and Chennai in India. It featured employees talking about their work, including giving examples of Polyplastics technology that has been adopted for use in the automotive industry.